EU Lead Factory publications are of high impact

07 October 2016

According to the IMI Bibliometric report 2016, the scientific publication output from the EU Lead Factory is in top of its class, the 14 projects from IMI Call 5-11. 

The report evaluates the 29 publications that had been published in the first three years of the project.

“Research associated with ELF was very well-cited with a citation impact of more than two times the world average (2.13), and 17% of papers that are highly-cited.”

It should be noted that the EU Lead Factory has a strong will to disseminate its results in the wider scientific community and has secured Open Access for several articles.  These are amazing results for a young project operating in the early stages of drug discovery. We expect many more articles and articles with higher impact in the future. The updated list of publications from the consortium can be found here.