This is a non exhaustive list of publications related to ELF work published in scientific journals. Please contact the programme office if you miss a relevant publication. 
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07 June 2018

Diastereoselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted, Amino‐and Pyrrolidino‐Tetrahydrofurans as Lead‐Like Molecular Scaffolds 

Steven M. Wales, Elena G. Merisor, Holly V. Adcock, Christopher A. Pearce, Ian R. Strutt, William Lewis, Daniel Hamza, Christopher J. Moody
Chemistry–A European Journal. 2018;24(32):8233-9.
doi: 2018 June 7

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09 May 2018

Translation of innovative chemistry into screening libraries: an exemplar partnership from the European Lead Factory

R. Morgentin, M. Dow, A. Aimon, G. Karageorgis, T. Kalliokoski, D. Roche, S. Marsden, A. Nelson
Drug discovery today 2018 
doi: 2018 May 9

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01 May 2018

Polycyclic Sulfoximines as New Scaffolds for Drug Discovery

Mark L. G. Borst, Cécile M. J. Ouairy, Sander C. Fokkema, Alessandro Cecchi, Jessica M. C. A. Kerckhoffs, Vincent L. de Boer, Peter J. van den Boogaard, Rutger F. Bus, Rijko Ebens, Rob van der Hulst, Joop Knol, Rob Libbers, Zhou M. Lion, Bart W. Settels, Ellen de Wever, Khaled A. Attia, Piet-Jan Sinnema, Jesse M. de Gooijer, Karen Harkema, Marieke Hazewinkel, Susan Snijder, Kees Pouwer
ACS Comb. Sci. 2018;20(6):335-343
doi: 10.1021/acscombsci.7b00150 2018 May 1

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29 April 2018

Petasis/Diels‐Alder/Cyclization Cascade Reactions for the Generation of Scaffolds with Multiple Stereogenic Centers and Orthogonal Handles for Library Production

T. Flagstad, C. Azavedo, G. Min, A. Willaume, R. Morgentin, T. Nielsen, M.H. Clausen
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2018
doi: 2018 April 29

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26 April 2018

MicroScale Thermophoresis Sharpens Hit Triaging: European Lead Factory Combines HTS and a Biophysical Assay to Refine Early Drug Discovery

J.M. Rainard, G.C. Pandarakalam, S.P. McElroy
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News 2018;38(9):12-13
doi: 2018 May 1

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11 April 2018

Realisation of small molecule libraries based on frameworks distantly related to natural products

Anthony Aimon, George Karageorgis, Jacob Masters, Mark Dow, Philip G. E. Craven, Martin Ohsten, Anthony Willaume, Rémy Morgentin, Nicolas Ruiz-Llamas, Hugues Lemoine, Tuomo Kalliokoski, Andrew J. Eatherton, Daniel J. Foley, Stephen P. Marsden, Adam Nelson
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2018
doi: 10.1039/C8OB00688A 2018 April 11

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31 March 2018

Synthesis of Highly Substituted 1,2‐Diazetidin‐3‐ones, Small‐Ring Scaffolds for Drug Discovery

Marilia S. Santos, Andrew Nortcliffe, William Lewis, Tracey D. Bradshaw, Christopher J. Moody
Chemistry–A European Journal 2018;24(33):8325-8330
doi: 2018 March 31

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22 February 2018

Design and synthesis of a fragment set based on twisted bicyclic lactams

H. Hassan, S.P. Marsden, A. Nelson 
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2018;26(11):3030-3033
doi: 10.1016/j.bmc.2018.02.027 2018 February 22

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20 February 2018

Using Microscale Thermophoresis to Characterize Hits from High-Throughput Screening: A European Lead Factory Perspective

Julie M. Rainard, George C. Pandarakalam, Stuart P. McElroy 
SLAS Discovery 2018;23(3):225–241
doi: 2018 February 20, Open Access

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19 February 2018

Synthesis of Highly Substituted Imidazole Uracil Containing Molecules via Ugi-4CR and Passerini-3CR

Rudrakshula Madhavachary, Tryfon Zarganes-Tzitzikas, Pravin Patil, Katarzyna Kurpiewska, Justyna Kalinowska-Tłuścik, Alexander Dömling
ACS Combinatorial Science 2018;20(4):192–196
doi: 10.1021/acscombsci.7b00145 2018 February 19